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'The Gentle Insult' is the new album by composer, producer and keyboardist Edgar van Asselt and the stellar rhythm section Jeroen Vierdag and Jorge Rossy. Brace yourself for a colourful, high-energy album, with nine new compositions blending jazz, classical, latin, and popmusic, topped off with VST's.

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The Album is available on CD, Vinyl and Digital Download via Bandcamp. You can preview and order the album here.
You can also stream the album on all the major streaming platforms including Spotify, Apple Music, Deeze and many more. You can stream the album on the platform of you choice below.

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and enjoy this in-depth interview on the making of the album! Learn about creating musical confusion, the value of musical collaboration, rogue semantics, meeting Chick Corea, using VST's, the sound of Bill at the Gates and the influence of the A-team in this in-depth interview with Edgar van Asselt by Serge Julien.

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'The Gentle Insult' resulted from the musical collaboration between composer and pianist Edgar van Asselt with two acclaimed musicians Jeroen Vierdag and Jorge Rossy.

Edgar's compositions served as a blueprint for this musical interaction with a lot of musical interplay and spontaneous interactions happening.
Within two days, 9 original songs were recorded, in a wide variety of styles and colours.

We have a full press kit for this project including full press release, promotional photo’s and release 1-Sheet. In addition promotional copies of the album are available on request. Please contact us and we will be happy to forward this to you.