The Gentle Insult

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Way2 Go Music, to be further called ‘the producer’ of this content, wishes to state that the reason for releasing this material is purely for purposes of entertainment. The intention for the release of this material is for the enjoyment of the listener/watcher (to be further called ‘the user’) and is enhanced by content that is influenced by absurdism, surrealism combined with ‘rogue semantics’ . Although the producer has no intention of shocking, insulting, or ridiculing certain people or their respective points of view, user fully accepts the risk of having a negative emotional reaction to the exposure of the content, even culminating in the experience of ‘being offended’. User accepts that possible emotional reactions to the content are the result of his/her choice to watch or listen to the content, and by clicking ‘I Agree’ therefore waives his/her right to hold producer liable for, but not limited to emotional damage. The content is protected by Dutch and international copyright laws. Reproduction and distribution in any form without the written permission of way2go music is prohibited. Copyright2022, all rights reserved.

Fair use: please note no copyright infringment is intended, and i do not own or claim to own the
copyrights to any of the music/pictures owned by Litha Music or Concord Music in this video. Should
you feel your copyright is infringed than i kindly request you to get in touch with me.